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sales & specials

Dear Wonderful Customer: 

Thanks to all of you who attended our very popular lecture series this Fall called Celebrate Women. Many of you requested that we have another series this Spring, and we hope to comply with both new and repeat lectures. If you have any suggestions for topics, please let me know.

Kudos to both The Weathervane and Spice Street for their kindness in hosting the lectures in in their restaurants' private rooms.

If you have a suggestion for topics in the Spring, please email me and I will try to include it in the series.  

 Our customers know we seldom have sales.  We’d rather offer a great selection during the entire season. That’s why you know you can come in at the end of a season, and still find a huge array of clothes waiting for you.  Every time we sell something, we order something else.  We believe in breadth, not depth, so we don’t replenish what was sold, we order something else.  And customers love this, knowing they will always find something perfect for their needs, any time of the year. And also know that there aren’t  20 other people out there with the same outfit.
Our specials make you feel special.  Once you have become a customer (i.e purchased something and now on our data base), you are then entitled to a birthday special.
You're in the driver's seat with the birthday special. Register your birthday month with us. Then choose any day during your birthday month to come to Dina Porter or email us about making a purchase.
Make your clothing selection. On any one day of your choice during your birthday month, you will receive 20% off the most expensive piece (or set) of clothing, and 10% off all the rest of the clothing purchased that day. (Please note that this pertains only to clothing, and not accessories.)
It won't be valid until you have purchased something and become an actual customer on our data base. Then you can take advantage of this great special!
Another one of our specials is the Baker's Dozen Eileen Fisher Club. When you purchase 12 pieces of Eileen Fisher, we give you the 13th free. There is no time limit to this, so you won't be under presure to buy with a deadline in mind. Lots of our customers order pieces from us that they have seen elsewere, and that brings them one piece closer to a freebee!
For those of you who have given us your email, you know it's worthwhile to be on the list. We often have specials only for our email list. And if we open that special to the public, you are always the first to know about the sale with advance notice. We often give our email customers an additional discount, too. 
So it pays to be on our email list. You know we won't deluge you with clutter. Hope to see you soon, either in person or though the internet.