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Dear Wonderful Customer:

I'm finally getting to redo this web site; pardon the delay. We've been so busy in the store opening goodies that I haven't had time to do it!

Our wonderful Rose not only models for us, but has finally brought our Facebook to reality. She is a creative whiz, and loves to interject all sorts of different photos to let you know what is happening at Dina Porter. Go to:

to learn what's happening at the store. You'll see the latest and greatest. Be sure to "like" us so you'll have access to all of Rose's posts when you want.  You'll see the latest and greatest.

Mother of the Bride (and Groom): we have a full complement of outfits for your child's wedding.  You may need to order so come in soon. Our outfits and dresses range from traditional to very artistic. Lots of colors, fabrics, and styles in missy, petite and plus styles. Dressy outfits comprise half of our store; choose you wedding attire, rehearsal dinner, luncheon, and brunch attire while having a ball with our knowlegeable staff.

Dina Porter has been carrying Ming Wang, a superb knit line, for the past 2 years. It is now one of our top sellers, along with Eileen Fisher.  I can't rave enough about Ming Wang. It's soft, comfortable, and wrinkle free.  An added bonus - almost all of the pieces go into the washer and dryer. 

Their knit is a year-round weight, and especially wonderful for traveling. Colors are stunning and wide ranging; everything works back to black. Their blacks are totally consistent; buy a jacket this year and get a tank dress next year. They will match, a real plus. Lots of pieces to mix and match. Be sure to try a few jackets - betcha you can't resist!  Go to the career/casual page to see many of the new styles.

Not to be outdone, our casual and career comprise the other half of Dina Porter. Basic "bottoms" include many pant and jean vendors as well as skirts. Once our customers find a brand that really fits them to a tee (i.e. pant!), they come seasonally to select more. We tend to focus on simple, well-fitting styles that become basic underpinning to all our sweaters, jackets, and tops.

Over the years, our customers tell us that they don't like front zippers in pants. Many don't like any fasteners at all. I forward that message to my vendors at shows; our customers are their custsomers. A trend that I now see;  many of our pants lines are still sized (2-18), but have a little give in them. Voila: no fasteners or elastic to create bulk. Come and see how Taylor Brooke, Krazy Larry, Renuar, and even NYDJ and French Dressing jeans are changing their style. 

Customers tell us that we have one of the best selection of "tops" anywhere. Sweaters are chosen for their style, fabric content, and color. Coming from PA almost 20 years ago, I learned quickly that the South loves color. Color is now a great focus for me on my buying trips. Of course, we still offer earth tones and plenty of black!

We carry over 10 lines of sweaters, with Eileen Fisher being our mainstay. But we have lots of fun looks with other vendors. You'll find merino wool, cotton, and blends in the mix. Styles include vests, cardigans, and pullovers in several lengths and styles. Sized missy, petite, and plus.

Silk jackets are a mainstay. Choose one of our many silk jacket (very fluid) to wear over a favorite black dress. Or, staff may suggest partnering a black shell and skirt or pants with one. It will become a mainstay in your wardrobe;  wear it over pants or jeans to a casual event.

Almost everyone loves wearing shirts. We used to carry several brands, but no more. Now it's only  Foxcroft, the very best of the best. Who wants to iron or run to the dry cleaners?  Foxcroft is absoultely non-iron and looks freshly ironed right out of the dryer. Wear ir all day and into the night - no wrinkles! We carry a huge assortment in missy sizes in both solids and prints. We have a few solids in plus also.

Many, many customers LOVE linen but they HATE looking wrinkled. If you haven't tried on Fridaze, you are missing a revolution in linen. It is practically wrinkle-free; you'll be neat as a pin all day.  Women who bought one outfit keep coming back for more. You will, too. Try on jackets, pants, skirts, dresses, and shells - mix and match if you like. Available in missy and petite.

Specials, anyone? We have three that are very popular with customers. Our Baker's Dozen Club has expanded from Eileen Fisher to Ming Wang. Purchase 12 of EF or MW and get the 13th free (the average amount spent on the 12 items). No time limit. Ming Wang purchasers from the past will be grandfathered in. What's not to love?

Birthday month. Any one day duing your birthday month, come in to Dina Porter and use your special:  20% off the most expensive clothing item, 10% off the rest of the clothing you purchase that day. And have an even happier birthday!

Bonus card. Remember college with its semesters? We have 2 semesters at Dina Porter. If you spend $1000 a semester (from January 1 - June 30,  and  July 1 - December 31), you will receive a bonus card. Take 20% off the most expensive clothing item and 10% off the remaining clothing items any one day of the next semester. You'll receive a bonus card in the mail at the beginning of the next 6 month period.  Customer love getting their bonus card - how about you?

I am saving the best for last. Our superb staff is just that - superb! Never pushy, just fun, informative, creative, and helpful. If you prefer browsing, they'll give you space to look and touch. When you need help, they'll be nosey and get as much information from you (e.g. type of event, time of the occasion[s], destination) to choose just what you need. And most of all, you'll have a ball with our staff. Fun is our middle name!

We hope to see you soon. Please feel free to call us (919.929.4449) if you have any questions or need some information. We are here to please you!