looking for sequins, beads, and bangles?

Sorry, we’re not in that market! If you’re more interested in being distinctive, stunning, and comfortable, come see us. We carry one of the largest selections of one-of-a-kind and limited-edition evening clothing in the area. Designers such as  Lee Andersen, Ursula, Eileen Fisher, and our private label consider your comfort when designing. You’ll really love the way their fashions (missy, plus, and petite) accentuate the positive!

Think about your outfit. Photos of you at “the” wedding are keepers. They’ll be seen for years to come (and viewed by future grandchildren!). You need to look and feel your best. Our staff knows how to evaluate your figure and your needs, and will come up with the best choices. The hard part is deciding which one to buy! (Of course, there’s always the rehearsal dinner…)

Many of these lines are handmade, and many can be custom ordered with your figure in mind. Should your top differ in size from your skirt/pants measurements, no problem. We often can order to fit your specific needs. So when that special occasion requires a distinctive outfit, come in early so we can make you look and feel fabulous!

Another of our goals is to present clothing that you will wear often and that doesn’t cry out, “mother of the bride dress!” We respect your wanting value for your purchase, and offer lines that can be worn many times.
2nd time brides...

We take all of our brides seriously. Our more mature customer doesn’t want to walk down the aisle in a long white wedding gown. She may be divorced, widowed, or at an age where the typical wedding gown doesn’t meet her needs.

Looking beautiful and dancing the night away describes our over-40 bride! Many of our designers have created stunning outfits in white or ecru for just this reason. Of course, there are no rules at Dina Porter so if you want color, we have it! We’ll find the perfect outfit and accessorize it. You’ll love the way you look and feel!